Scottish Games Ad Campaign

developed for Scottish Games

If you’ve never been to the Scottish Games, your life expectancy is higher than those who have. These Scots are not mere mortals. They toss telephone poles, throw battle axes and make noises that cause grown men to run to their cars, drive home as fast as they can with tears streaming down their faces and change their underpants without telling a soul. Ah, the Scottish Games. The dream client for a freelance copywriter. Created at Wozwo.

About the author

Chad Rucker Chad has spent 17 years creating content and ideas for brands such as Verizon Wireless, Dunkin Donuts, Michelin and BMW. He's won an Obie Best of Show; National Addys; Employee of the Year; and ADchievement Awards. He is currently creative director at Jackson Marketing during the day, and moonlights on nights and weekends as Lochness.

  • Client - Scottish Games
  • Skills/Tools Used - Freelance Copywriter, Branding, Advertising Copywriting