Greenville Drive Baseball Trolley Advertising

developed for Greenville Drive Baseball

The single-A baseball affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, the Greenville Drive, has the perfect advertising medium: a trolley that drives up and down Main Street. Why not put the brand message on the side of it? And why not utilize the medium to its fullest extent? Out-of-home advertising needs to be fun. Or informative. Or both.

About the author

Chad Rucker Chad has spent 17 years creating content and ideas for brands such as Verizon Wireless, Dunkin Donuts, Michelin and BMW. He's won an Obie Best of Show; National Addys; Employee of the Year; and ADchievement Awards. He is currently creative director at Jackson Marketing during the day, and moonlights on nights and weekends as Lochness.

  • Client - Greenville Drive Baseball
  • Skills/Tools Used - Out-of-Home Advertising Copywriting, Branding