Greenville Drive Baseball Radio

developed for Greenville Drive Baseball

The Greenville Drive is the Single-A baseball affiliate for the Boston Red Sox. I had the pleasure of being the head writer on the account for four years. To help create radio that people actually wanted to hear, we needed a unique voice. Someone who encapsulated baseball. My account person, Matt Gaymon, was doing his baseball chatter one day and boom, we found our guy. We then created Chatter Guy…a parody of the baseball fan who talks smack the entire game. We even created a fake Christmas CD to sell holiday merchandise (listen to the 3rd spot).

About the author

Chad Rucker Chad has spent 17 years creating content and ideas for brands such as Verizon Wireless, Dunkin Donuts, Michelin and BMW. He's won an Obie Best of Show; National Addys; Employee of the Year; and ADchievement Awards. He is currently creative director at Jackson Marketing during the day, and moonlights on nights and weekends as Lochness.

  • Client - Greenville Drive Baseball
  • Skills/Tools Used - Radio Freelance Copywriter