Palmetto Bank Facebook App

developed for Palmetto Bank

Unlike every other bank competitor out there, The Palmetto Bank has never changed its name. Since 1906! Palmetto came to us with a print ad request to attract a younger, hipper audience that was just entering the realm of banking, saving and investing. But instead of creating just a print ad, we proposed a Facebook App. The “kids these days” seem to avoid printed materials, but app copywriting and website copywriting can, sometimes, reach them. Thus, an app. Thus, Facebook. Thus, awareness. Thus, ripples. Created at Jackson Marketing Group.

About the author

Chad Rucker Chad has spent 17 years creating content and ideas for brands such as Verizon Wireless, Dunkin Donuts, Michelin and BMW. He's won an Obie Best of Show; National Addys; Employee of the Year; and ADchievement Awards. He is currently creative director at Jackson Marketing during the day, and moonlights on nights and weekends as Lochness.

  • Client - Palmetto Bank
  • Skills/Tools Used - Facebook App, App & Website Copywriting, Branding
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