New Big League World Series Baseball Advertising Campaign

developed for Big League World Series

Hey, if I can’t write killer and semi-killer headlines for baseball ads, I should punch myself in the face. Hard. My favorites are the “broken light” outdoor, the souvenir cup and the “15 minutes of fame” print, but whom he hell am I.

Quick note on the “15 minutes of fame”: it took me 3.25 hours and 78 headlines to write. Just being honest. I had it around line 35, but just couldn’t get the structure right. And I imagined my partner’s face the next morning if I handed him a shitty line. (Advertising copywriting ain’t always easy, kids.)

Jordan and I also created a souvenir baseball cup, which was handed out at the games. Not only does it hold your Coke…it teaches you how to throw a curveball, splitter and cutter. Kinda proud over that sales job. (The client has zero dinero.)

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