UTV Kickoff Ad

Desert Racing Product Launch (Beat1301.com)

developed for

My marketing company (my full-time gig, not my semi-full-time gig) did something rare in the industry. We have a motorsports division that is heavily involved in Baja desert racing (we have a Off-Road Motorsports Hall-of-Famer on our team), and we decided to work with a client (BFG) to create a UTV tire. From scratch.

The industry didn’t know us from boo, but they knew BFG. And we had to launch the product at the Baja 500.

Our concept for kickoff was to play off the world record UTV track time at Baja 500 and have our UTV racing team gun for it. High expectations, high goals.

Go to BEAT1301.com now and check out the “moving” smoke. Pretty cool.

For the video that accompanied the SCORE ads (in the digital version), check it out here. 

Created at JACKSON with Jordan Fretz, Cristian Valdes, Blake Ross and the JACKSON Motorsports team.

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